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Research funding for Occupational Therapists in the field of psychiatry

the crouch trust

The Crouch Trust was established to provide research funding for Occupational Therapists in the field of Psychiatry.

The Crouch Trust  (Registration no: 047-796-NPO)
was officially registered as a Non profit Organisation (NPO) with the Department of Social Development
on 19th April 2006.


BOARD Members of the Crouch Trust, 2012
Chairperson of the Board
Hon Secretary of the Board
Executive Board member
Executive Board member
Executive Board member
Executive Board member
Honorary Treasurer


The savings which are held by the Crouch Trust were generated by the sale and royalties from the 4 editions of the book “Occupational Therapy in Psychiatry and Mental Health”.

The editors and publishers are as follows:

1st Edition, Editor Rosemary B Crouch, published by the University of Witwatersrand 1989

2nd Edition, Editor Rosemary B Crouch, published by the Lifecare Group, Johannesburg, in 1992

3rd Edition, Editors Rosemary Crouch and Vivyan Alers, published by Maskew, Miller and Longman in 1997

4th Edition, Editors Rosemary Crouch and Vivyan Alers, published by Whurr Publishers in 2005.


The Trust’s main objectives are to:

Improve the care and treatment of persons with mental illness and those vulnerable to mental illness in South Africa, by encouraging scientific research.

Promote research in the psychiatric/mental health field of Occupational Therapy.

Provide funds for research incentives in the field of psychiatric/mental health Occupational Therapy in South Africa.

To create opportunities for experts (national and international) to present skill related courses in the field of mental health and mental illness to Occupational Therapists in South Africa.

Contribute by scientific research to the education of Occupational Therapists in South Africa.


Secondary objectives will be to:

Maintain and promote the important intervention of Occupational Therapy at its highest level, as part of a team approach to the care of the mentally ill in South Africa.

Register for continued Professional Development accreditation with the HPCSA.



The Crouch Trust has recently made funds available for collaborative or group research
in the psycho-social, psychiatric and mental health fields.

Members of the group may be from other professions in the health field but must comply with the professional criteria within their own professions.

At least one occupational therapist must be part of the group and the research must be undertaken in South Africa.

The amount available is R10,000


Click here for the Constitution of The Crouch Trust.

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